Hanover Pond Hydro, Meriden, Connecticut Certified by Low Impact Hydro Institute (LIHI)

NEHC's Hanover Pond is Certified by LIHI

NEHC has been granted certification by the Low Impact Hydro Institute, or LIHI, as the non-profit organization is commonly known.
The certification requires an arduous multi-step program and is entirely voluntary. "We are extremely gratified," said Michael Kerr, CEO of NEHC, "to have our Hanover Pond Hydropower facility certified by LIHI. It is an important milestone for both the site and the technology."

In submitting the application to LIHI, NEHC recognizes the importance of adhering to sound environmental and operating principles in the development of small-scale hydropower facilities and the benchmarks that LIHI has established. NEHC expects to work with the Institute on future projects as they are built. [Please see LIHI release under permitting resource.]

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