Restoring North America’s original renewable energy resource.TM
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A Renewable Energy Company

The New England Hydropower Company, LLC (NEHC) develops, operates, owns and manages small-scale regional and local hydroelectric facilities. We provide the renewable energy market with a fresh, environmentally sound, fish and wildlife safe approach to small-scale hydroelectric generation. 

Fish Friendly

Studies show screw pumps and screw generators are fish friendly in small-scale screw generator sites.

Environmentally Engaged

We will protect the environment, and leave fish migration and habitats undisturbed or improved.

Partners in Clean Energy

We work transparently to form working relationships with our partners.

Proven Technology

Archimedes screw generators balance between efficiency, fish and environmental protection.

Redeploying existing small dams

Applying over ten years of experience with partners in the UK and Europe, NEHC will design, own and operate Archimedes-based hydro-screw facilities in the United States.

Our model redeploys the existing stable and essential small dams on waterways that powered North America’s development.

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Community and colaboration

NEHC supports the missions of states, municipalities, private owners and individual entities with access to waterways with the ultimate goal of developing an alternative, renewable, zero emissions energy resource.

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"We founded this company to restore useful work to the dam sites and waterways that built New England and the nation. We have found in our process that the nation’s builders had a remarkable understanding of the value of the resource. They knew precisely how to use it in their time. We have found a way to use the foundation they built, and in a clean, non-invasive way, renew its value."

Michael Kerr
New England Hydropower, Chief Executive Officer

"Opening a conversation about generating power on an old dam on a cherished river is always complicated—even when it is small-scale, renewable and clean. There is a great interest in what we are doing, and a wide variety of constituents. Because every project becomes part of a community, NEHC works transparently to form working relationships in those communities. We will always be willing and open to have a dialogue, especially when there is an issue to solve."

Chris Conover
New England Hydropower, Chief Marketing Officer

"We harvest rain and snow. That is, we use the natural flow of waterways, engineering each site individually to minimize our impact, and derive clean, renewable energy. Our sites are small-scale, manageable. With many of them in place, we can provide a significant source of green power.."

Roger Hutton
New England Hydropower, Co-Founder and Director of Sales

"Permitting is the name for the rigorous process we manage carefully to build projects. Is it not exclusively about the rules and regulations. It is about outcome. It is about understanding the specific natural resource and societal issues for each site, and exploring the best way to approach and respond to them. Local knowledge is often the key to success."

Carol Wasserman
New England Hydropower, Principal, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs

Environmentally sound, fish and wildlife safe

We provide the renewable energy market with a fresh, environmentally sound, fish and wildlife safe approach to small-scale hydroelectric generation.
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